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Abbreviation Expansion Software For The iPhone and iPod Touch.

ICONbuttonTiny_border.jpgNow Available for iPhone and iPod Touch!    
We’ve been providing Abbreviate! for the PC for many years, and now you can have it on the iPhone and the iPod Touch ! And, we’ve enhanced it with features that are not yet available on the PC!

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ICONbuttonTiny_borderPlus1.jpgSaves Time!
We’ve been selling Abbreviate! on the PC to medical transcriptionists for years. Why? Because they get paid by the line. And they use lots of medical terms that take time to type – not only words like “osteoporosis” and “rheumatoid arthritis” but phrases like “The patient presented with ”. Imagine how much time they save by typing “ostp”, “rha” or “Tppw”! Imagine how you would Abbreviate! what you type frequently!

ICONbuttonTiny_XXXtremelyLongBorder.jpgMinimizes Errors!
We all type fast enough to make an acceptable number of mistakes. Think about it – could you type faster? Sure, but you’d make more mistakes. Could you slow down and make zero mistakes? Probably not – you could get almost to zero, but you’d have to type so slowly that it would be painful. So we all speed up our typing to the point where mistakes are not so frequent that we slow down to avoid them. With Abbreviate! you type fewer keystrokes, so the probability of error goes down, especially for long words and phrases that you use frequently. And if you store the expansion spelled correctly, it always comes out correctly! How fast can you type “Thank you for your e-mail” without mistakes? How fast can you type “tyfyem” without mistakes? A lot faster once you get used to using Abbreviate!, and that doesn’t take very long at all.

ICONbuttonTiny_border.jpgEspecially Great for E-mail!
A single selection lets you take text composed in Abbreviate! and push it to the E-mail application on the iPhone or iPod Touch! Put the Abbreviate! icon right next to the E-mail icon at the bottom of your Home page and you’ll remember to go to Abbreviate! first. It only takes a second, and you’ll save so much more time as you type.

ICONbuttonTiny_border.jpgTerrific for Notes!
Abbreviate! has a built-in Notes feature that lets you create, save, and edit notes about your choice of subjects. Take notes faster in a meeting using abbreviations! Create separate ToDo lists for work, family, hobbies, etc. Make a shopping list, or a list of special days (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. – anything that helps you to remember things that are important to you).

ICONbuttonTiny_TALLborder.jpgAnd . . . It’s fun!
Using abbreviations is actually fun, because the more you use them, the more time and effort you save, and the more you enjoy creating new ones. Abbreviate! has a unique algorithm that suggests abbreviations for you based on a small set of rules that we’ve learned are helpful. It’s much easier to remember an abbreviation if it follows one of a few logical rules than if it is arbitrary. Our 20+ years of experience with abbreviation expansion has enable us to provide the most intuitive abbreviation program on the market!

ICONbuttonTiny.jpgAbbreviate! for the PC
Abbreviate is also available for the PC! Click here for more information.